Join our running coaching sessions and courses in The Hague! Short courses of 5 coaching sessions each, small groups up to 8 runners to allow individual coaching. Every Thursday 18:30-19:30, flexible start.


  • Running form and interval. Discover how to improve your running form and how to run less injury prone. Every Thursday as of November 2021, 18:30-19:30, at Lange Voorhout, The Hague. Costs: € 50 per course of 5 coaching sessions or € 12,50 per single session.
  • Running in intensity zones. Learn how to train more efficiently by running in hearth rate (and power) zones. Beforehand you will determine, or finetune, your lactate treshold yourself. We will explain how to do so. Please register at least one week beforehand. Start: spring 2022 at Haagse Bos.


Interested? Please send an email to Or check the Dutch pages. Hope to see you soon, keep on running, take care!


Included: 10% discount at running store De Hardloopwinkel, for your favorite running shoes and running clothes!