Curious about The Hague? Get to know the city by joining a city running tour. Run together with a running guide across the city, in a group or individually. Hope to see you soon! *All Just Running activities are on hold since January 2023*

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Get to know The Hague on your feet! Join a city running tour and have a workout at the same time. Every first Sunday of the month and on request.

Running form

You will enjoy running even more if you run smarter! Get to know your running style and technique. Discover how to improve your running form and avoid injuries.

Heart rate and power

Your hearth rate shows your intensity of training, your fitness level and your ability to recover. Discover how your heart rate allows you to improve your running. Learn about power zones and running with power as well.

Improve your training! Run better and faster by joining a running course:

  • to determine or finetune your running zones, and learn how to train in zones
  • to assess your recovery level
  • to improve your running form
  • to check your training plan

Join us for a run in the city or the dunes! And support by doing so independant Russian media (see Dutch pages).


“I often run with a heart rate monitor, because I want to know how my heart behaves under the various strains.”

Eliud Kipchoge


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