Get to know The Hague on your feet! Explore The Hague during a city running tour in the liberation year 2020.

The Hague is the international city of justice and peace. This reflects in its institutions, such as the International Court of Justice in the Peace Palace, the International Criminal Court and the United Nationals Detention Unit in Scheveningen, where among others Radovan Karadžić is detained (see photo above). This city running tour includes these well known institutions as well as places that still echoe World War II, the silent witnesses. The tour also goes beyond the highlights, and shows the colonial past and how this is still present in nowadays The Hague.

‘Everyone sang’ (1919), poem by Siegfried Sassoon, WO1 soldier-poet | Wall of a house, easily overlooked, near the Peace Palace in The Hague

Dates, costs

  • Sunday 19 September 2021, in view of the International Day of Peace on 21 September. Start at 10 am, Peace Palace, The Hague. Other dates tbc. Number of participants: up to 5 runners. Interested? Please send an email to
  • € 40 per tour per person, € 50 for a customized tour

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